Friday, May 29, 2009

My baby turned six months today.

I made note to keep checking the clock at 10:15, when I first started pushing. Then 10:26am is the time when I met my beautiful little girl. Yup, took me eleven whole minutes to push her out! It was so beautiful.

Going through all of what we did six months ago. Starting with putting up the Christmas tree and decorations. No signs of labour. We thought at that point that I was going to be induced on the 30th. Tessa had her own plans!
I really couldn't of asked for more from our last night alone. We had so much fun, a great dinner, and yummy snacks.
We went to bed around 12:30am, and 45 minutes later I got up for the first time feeling like I needed to pee, but was having bad cramps as well. I literally went from nothing to BAM wow pain. I didn't think this was it though. It wasn't until I was having to breath through the pain (while still feeling the strong urge to pee) that I thought omg this is it!! I woke Chuck up and told him he won't be going to his Bancroft shift in the morning! He asked me how much it hurt and I said it was extremely intense. Little did I know I was already 5cm, so it was just the begining of the pain.
We left for the hospital, I called my mom, who didn't get my little hints (well it was almost 3:00am) and I told her to come up to the hospital so she can eventually meet her grand daughter.
We got there at 3:00. Went through the ER where we knew all the staff thanks to Chuck!
I won't go any further since I'm typing one handed and this isn't meant to be her birth story. I WILL get to that soon!

Happy six months my beautiful little girl!!