Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Alright, I know I've got a few friends who read this who had c-sections and those whose labour didn't go well, so don't take this as me bragging, but it was my experience and I want to write about it.

What is wrong with my hormones lately?

I went up to the hospital today while Chuck was offloading a patient, and of course looked at the room Tessa was born in, and its like emotionally I went back to the day I had her.
How I felt when I first walked into the room. How I felt sitting there on the bed thinking "omg I'm going to meet my daughter today!!". Getting my epidural and how great Chuck was, rubbing my back, telling me how much he loved me, wanting to help me as much as he could. He was amazing that day.
But emotionally I felt like I was doing it all over again, and I would love to! It was the single most amazing day of my life and miss all of the emotions.
Being told I was 9.5cm and that I was going to push soon! Then pushing! Oh my god that was so amazing I could cry thinking about it. Then seeing her for the first time. Nevermind the fact I rubbed that white stuff all over Chuck's head! I totally didn't know I had it on my hands after holding her for the first time.

I'm just a ball of goo right now. I can't wait to give birth again!

I've got to write her birth story out for her baby book. Man I should of done that long ago.

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  1. lol ihad a c-section and a bad experience during labour (45 hours of back labour, emerg csection and ev in the nicu for close to a week) and i can't wait to go and do it again!!