Sunday, June 28, 2009

I am a 24 year old in a 80 year old womans body. Seriously.
My mom came over yesterday and is on her way here today because my back is right fucked. It keeps freezing and cramping up on me whenever I bend to pick Tessa up or put her down.
Its my fault. I've let my muscle tone die off so badly, I really need to work hard on getting it back. My knees also have no strength in them either.

I had Meaghan here from Wednesday to Saturday! We had fun and got to watch Tessa swim for the first time. I felt comfortable letting her swim in our friends pool as I know they don't abuse the shit out of chlorine or any other chemicals in their pool as a lot of the centres do yet claim they don't.
She had such a great time! Daddy went in with her while mommy took the pictures.

Tomorrow one of my best friends is coming to visit! Shes from the Buffalo area, but she now lives in Kansas City Missouri. So I don't get to see her often at all, this is the first time since shes moved here, and shes never met Tessa!
We unfortunately had to change some plans around and now I don't get to see my other best friend. Schedules conflicted so we had to change things around, but she lives in Buffalo and thats really not a bad trip to make. We just need our passports of the enhanced licenses.
I'm getting them to bring me stuff from Babies R Us in the US. Stuff that we don't have!! I'm so excited!

But this means I have to get cleaning! Thank god mom is coming over!

Tessa is doing really well with her food. We have one more veggie to try her on, yellow wax beans, then its onto more fruit. Shes had some so far, but mostly just veggies.
She has only had one thing that she did not like, and that was creamed corn. The newest thing we've introduced, apples and green beans, she loves!
So much fun feeding her! Plus daddy gets to take her out while mommy sleep for an additional 3-4 hours!

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  1. did you try mangoes yet?we tried them right away because evan would roll around in my uterus anytime i ate one! he loves them just as much on the outside :)